Trump Signed Tax Cuts Into Law — He Had A Secret Troll Waiting For The Media

Benny Johnson Columnist, Viral Politics
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After Donald Trump signed the Republican tax bill into law Friday morning in the Oval Office, he offered some of the ceremonial bill signing pens to members of the press.

But instead of singling out the big-wig print, TV or radio reporters in the room, he specifically mentioned the boom microphone holders and cameramen.

“I think I’m probably going to hand some of them to the press,” Trump said. “Oh, look at these camera guys. Many of you have worked very hard. Many of you have worked very, very fairly. You want the box with it or not?”

Later, Trump said told the press, “Some of you folks take — I in particular like the boom holders. They were so nice to me the other day, right? And the cameramen.”

Trump made good on his promise for tax cuts by Christmas to the American people. The president made it clear that media affected his timing for the bill signing, saying that media speculation over whether the bill being delivered by Christmas is why he did the signing today.

During a typical bill signing, crucial members of the bill’s passage stand behind the president for the ceremony. That did not happen today due to the surprising timing. Since it was just the president at the ceremony, Trump was left with a box of ceremonial pens typically reserved for members of Congress who helped in the bill’s passage.



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