$228 Million Player Acts Like An Absolute Child When Calls Don’t Go His Way

(Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images)

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James Harden didn’t think the referees were calling a fair game between the Houston Rockets and the Los Angeles Clippers Friday night, but rather than being a man about it he decided to throw a tantrum that led to his eventual ejection.

Multiple times in the Rockets loss to the Clippers on Friday night Harden was called for fouls that were perfectly justifiable. However, Harden didn’t agree, so rather than acting like a professional who will be paid a disgusting $228 million over six years, he opted to act like a child instead.

The Houston Rockets star eventually began fouling intentionally and started acting like a punk towards the refs as well. They didn’t stand for his behavior very long though.

At one point Harden grabbed the ball from one ref and passed it to another before lining up for a free throw attempt. Not too long after he poked the ball out of one of their hands during a dead ball, sending the referee chasing after it. He was immediately ejected and pretended not to know why.

Harden didn’t let it end there though. When talking with reporters after the game Harden went off on the refs for their “bullsh*t calls” and whined about how frustrating it is as a player when the refs make mistakes.

The Rockets lost to the Clippers by a score of 118-128. Grow up and learn how to take a loss like a man, Harden.