‘My Blood Pressure’s Fine’ — CNN Panel Gets Testy When Dem Goes After Conservative’s Health [VIDEO]

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Justin Caruso Contributor
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A CNN panel got testy Tuesday after a former Democrat mayor went after conservative commentator Paris Dennard.


Former Philadelphia mayor Michael Nutter remarked that Dennard’s “blood pressure” was up this morning, to which Dennard responded, “My blood pressure is just fine, mayor.”

Nutter said, “Hey Paris, Hey Paris — Happy holidays to you.”

Dennard responded, “My blood pressure’s just fine. Merry Christmas to you.” He added, “Don’t talk about my health. My blood pressure’s fine.”

Nutter then again tried to talk down to Dennard, saying, “Calm down, brother.”

He responded, “Don’t ‘brother, calm down’ me. Don’t talk about somebody’s health. My blood pressure is not high. Finish your point, if you have one.”

Dennard has been a prominent conservative voice on CNN, often taking flack for being a black conservative.

In August, Democrat Keith Boykin questioned Dennard’s blackness, to which he responded, “Do not go there! I know what it means to be a black man in this country I know and I experience racism on an everyday basis by being a Trump supporter and by being a proud American who happens to be a Republican.” (RELATED: Dem Strategist Questions Trump Supporter’s Blackness [VIDEO])

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