CNN Host Ignores Democrat’s Misconduct Settlement For Entire Interview [VIDEO]

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CNN anchor Pamela Brown interviewed New York Democratic Rep. Gregory Meeks for five straight minutes on Wednesday without once asking him about the taxpayer-funded settlement paid out to a former staffer after he allegedly fired her in retaliation for reporting a donor-related sexual assault.

Subbing in for CNN’s Jake Tapper on Wednesday, Brown allowed Meeks to attack President Trump as a “con man” and talk at length about the need to hold elected officials accountable, without once addressing the serious allegations against the Democratic congressman.

Brown led off the interview asking Meeks about whether Democrats would work together with the president on infrastructure, which the congressman appeared skeptical about.


Brown then asked Meeks a question about tax cuts, which the congressman used to attack the president as a “bait and switch con man.”

Brown then asked Meeks again about Democrats opposition to President Trump, at which point the congressman said that for “the sake of our institutions, we need to hold everybody accountable.”

At no point in the interview did Brown address the allegations against Meeks, who is accused of covering up a sexual assault to protect one of his liberal donors. Brown isn’t alone in ignoring the Meeks settlement — CNN has yet to report on the story, which was first reported by The Daily Caller earlier this month.

CNN has also yet to report on a $220,000 settlement awarded to former committee staffer Winsome Packer in 2014, after Packer said she was sexually harassed by Democratic Florida Rep. Alcee Hastings. (RELATED: CNN, WaPo, NYT Ignore Top Democrat’s $220K Sexual Harassment Settlement)