New York Giants Player Calls His Teammate A Cancer – That Seems Like A Bad Sign

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David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief
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New York Giants safety Landon Collins doesn’t seem like a fan of his teammate Eli Apple.

Collins called Apple “a cancer” during a recent interview on 98.7 ESPN New York, and that doesn’t really seem like a sign that things are going great in the Giants locker room.

He stated the following, according to ESPN:

There’s only just one corner that … needs to grow, and we all know who that is. That would be the only person I would change out of our secondary group. Besides, the other two guys, [Rodgers-Cromartie] and [Jenkins], I love those two guys. They play hard. They love what they do.

But that first pick … he’s a cancer.

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I’ve grown up my whole life in the sports world, and I know trouble when I see it. There are always disagreements in locker rooms. In fact, I’d be concerned if there were never problems. However, those disagreements and confrontations should always stay behind closed doors. There’s never a reason to ever bring any of that stuff to the public’s attention.

That’s how I know this is bad news for New York. If it’s already in the public’s eye, you can bet the house that all hell has broken loose in the locker room.

Not a good sign at all for the Giants and their fans.

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