CNN Commentator Ana Navarro’s Wackiest Moments Of 2017 [VIDEO]

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CNN’s Ana Navarro has had a 2017 packed full of cringe-worthy moments and bizarre remarks.

These were our favorites.

Navarro Reveals She’s ‘4 percent Black’:

Ana Navarro tweeted in November:

It is unclear exactly what she meant here. Exit polls from the 2016 election show that Donald Trump won about 8 percent of the African-American vote.

Comparing Trump To Someone With Alzheimer’s:

The CNN commentator claimed, without evidence, that Trump is acting like someone with Alzheimer’s disease.

“I can tell you from an untrained eye, it looks weird,” she randomly stated. “It makes me recall people who have early onset dementia, it makes me recall people who are in the early stages of Alzheimer’s. His constant repetition — he goes back to the same themes over and over again. He continues repeating the same lies, the same fabrications, picking the same fights.” (RELATED: CNN’s Ana Navarro Compares Trump To Someone With Alzheimer’s Or Dementia [VIDEO])

It’s strange she cited someone reiterating “the same themes over and over again,” considering she’s held the same criticisms of the president dating back to the Republican primary.

Trump Is ‘Going To Get Somebody Killed In The Media’

After Trump tweeted a fake gif of himself tackling a CNN logo, Navarro claimed it was “an incitement to violence,” and that “he is going to get somebody killed in the media.”

That, for lack of a more in depth explanation, has not happened.

This Poem About Mike Flynn

Navarro wrote a strange poem in November on her Twitter page following Michael Flynn’s indictment. She wrote:

To her credit, that’s arguably the best use of the A/A/A/A rhyme scheme this side of Lil Wayne’s Dedication 4 mixtape.

Suggests That Trump Is Being Blackmailed By Russia

During a segment in November, CNN host Wolf Blitzer posed to Navarro that, “it’s interesting Ana, because Senator Lindsey Graham, he just issued another statement saying President Trump has a blind spot when it comes to Russia and can’t figure out why. Can you?”

Navarro responded, “Uh, maybe because they have something on him? It leads to speculation, the constant and very consistent way that Donald Trump deals with Russia, deals with this investigation, leads to questions that are yet to be answered.” (RELATED: CNN’s Ana Navarro Suggests That Trump Is Being Blackmailed By Russia [VIDEO])

Trump Is ‘Unfit To Be A Human’

The CNN contributor also said that President Trump is “unfit to be a human” after his response to violent clashes between white nationalist groups and protesters in Charlottesville, Virginia in August.

“In my book, his lack of empathy, his lack of leadership, his lack of courage–he’s unfit to be human,” she said. (RELATED: Ana Navarro: Trump ‘Unfit To Be A Human’ [VIDEO])

Compares Trump Administration To A ‘Las Vegas Brothel’

In August, Navarro said that Trump “failed at his signature promise of replace and repeal,” adding that “his White House has had more people go in and out for quickies than a Las Vegas brothel.”

“The chaos that has ensued is absolutely insane,” he added. “He keeps fabricating things and outright lying, he keeps tweeting like a deranged person. He has caused international incidents. The leaks out of his White House are like cheesecloth.” (RELATED: Ana Navarro Compares Trump Admin To ‘Las Vegas Brothel’ [VIDEO])

Threatening To Have A ‘Puerto Rican Moment’ On TV

In September, Navarro said that she was “about to have a Puerto Rican moment” on CNN. She said “careful what you say today because I’m about to have a Puerto Rican moment right now.” (RELATED: CNN’s Ana Navarro Threatens To Have A ‘Puerto Rican Moment’ On TV)

Navarro is not Puerto Rican, and it is unclear what she meant by this remark.

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