Mike Leach Spending A Press Conference Blowing On Hot Coffee Is Classic Form

David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief
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Washington State football coach Mike Leach had another classic moment during a Wednesday press conference.

Leach and the Cougars are playing Michigan State Thursday night in the Holiday Bowl. Before we can get to the games we have to get to the press conferences. These are usually pretty dry. Both coaches get up there, compliment each other, talk about the past year and don’t really do anything entertaining. That’s because most press conferences don’t include Mike Leach.

Did Leach just sit there casually yesterday while MSU head coach Mark Dantonio talked to the press? No he did not. Instead, he blew on his hot coffee nonstop in an attempt to cool it down. It was hilarious.

Classic Leach move. He doesn’t even know it, and he’s stolen the entire show. We’re really wasting Leach at WSU. He’s far too good and entertaining to be stuck there. We need him in the Big Ten or SEC immediately. It needs to happen for the sake of college football.

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