Mini Me Bought Himself A Mini Tesla For Christmas [VIDEO]

(Photo credit: screengrab/YouTube Verne Troyer)

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Verne Troyer is a little too small to drive a normal Tesla, so he bought himself a mini version for Christmas.

The “Austin Powers” star shared a video to YouTube on Wednesday in which he discovers the mini Tesla boxed up on his front doorstep, opens it up and takes it for a spin.

The tiny Tesla Model S is built for children between the ages of three to eight years old but Troyer, who stands at about two foot eight inches, seems pretty excited about his new ride.

“I’m 48, I’m still going to drive it,” he laughed while reading the instructions.

“Okay I think we got this set, so let’s go ahead and get this thing started. Pedal to the metal!”

Troyer only takes his new ride for a quick loop in front of his house in the video before parking it back in the garage but says he plans on producing more videos to show his fans what’s under the hood.

In case you were wondering, the actor drives normal cars too. After all, this whip — with a top speed of 6 mph — isn’t exactly street legal even though it looks like the real deal.