Netflix’s New Movie ‘The Open House’ Looks Terrifying

The Open House (Credit: Screenshot/YouTube Netflix)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Netflix released a trailer Thursday for the upcoming movie “The Open House,” and it’s not something I’d suggest watching before going to bed.

The plot of the movie, according to Netflix’s YouTube description, is, “Following a tragedy, a mother and her teen son move to a relative’s vacant vacation home, where eerie and unexplained forces conspire against them.”

I don’t know how to accurately describe what’s happening in this trailer. All I know for sure is that it’s downright scary as all hell.

This is pretty much everybody’s worst nightmare. The thought of having somebody in your house at night that you can’t get out or find is the type of scenario that keeps us up at night.

The first thing I’m doing in this situation is grabbing a gun, as much ammunition as I can possibly move at a single time, getting into a secure location and waiting for the perfect time to start letting lead fly. I don’t see any other way to play the scenario out. I’m not looking in closets, I’m not going in the basement and I’m damn sure not going to just start roaming around looking for stuff.

We can all find out how this one plays out when it’s released January 19.

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