New Orleans Saints Star Hilariously Tweets Out His NFL Fine From Christmas Eve

(Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images)

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Alvin Kamara knew he was going to get fined by the NFL for the cleats he wore on Christmas Eve Sunday, so he wasn’t surprised to receive a letter from the NFL a few days later.

The New Orleans Saints running back wore a pair of red cleats that looked like stockings for their game against the Atlanta Falcons on Christmas Eve. Seeing as the NFL only allows players to wear cleats with their team’s color scheme, Kamara knew the fine was on the way but decided to wear the cleats anyway.

Sure enough the rookie running back received a letter with the fine from the NFL a few days later and posted a photo of it on Twitter.

“Tis the season,” Kamara wrote. “I’ll start the @gofundme later, stay tuned lol.”

When asked about his decision to wear the cleats after the game, Kamara said it was all about the Christmas spirit and didn’t seem too worried about the possibility of a fine.

“I just feel like its Christmas, everybody’s in the Christmas spirit, so why not?”

His fellow Saints running back, Mark Ingram, chimed in urging the NFL not to be a Grinch.

“Don’t be a Grinch,” Ingram said. “It’s the Christmas season. It’s the Christmas spirit, man. How can you be mad at that? Do not be the Grinch.”

Despite Ingram’s plea, the NFL turned out to be the Grinch once again.