Wisconsin Badgers Basketball Is (Barely) Back To Thriving

(Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)

David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief
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I can’t believe I’m actually typing these words, but the Wisconsin Badgers are back to the .500 mark after beating Chicago State last night.

The Badgers have been in a tough spot this year. Players have been dropping left and right with injuries, and star freshman Brad Davison seems to get hurt a couple times every game. It’s brutal to watch. I’ve never seen a Wisconsin team like this before. At one point last night, we were playing multiple freshman, a walk-on and a former walk-on. How did the basketball gods allow this to happen to my school?

I have no idea how we got to where we are, but I do know that we’re now finally back at .500. A 7-7 record never felt so good.

Hell, we’ve won three in a row. You could say things are going well. It’s pretty sad that once upon a time (less than a year ago) the only acceptable thing to Wisconsin fans was making a deep run in March Madness. Now, I’m celebrating simply beating Chicago State for our seventh win of the year.

Most people would have jumped ship. They would have rushed for the lifeboats the first opportunity they could get. Not me. I will die on the Wisconsin basketball ship before I abandon it. We’re not even sinking anymore. We’ve finally managed to level off. We’re no longer taking on water. My team is pushing back.

Two years ago we were 9-9, and made a late run to dominate the Big Ten. Is it possible once again? I think so, and this time it’ll be even more incredible given the current situation with our roster. Buckle up because things are about to get wild.

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