College Students Want ‘Pocahontas Policy’ To Let You ‘Identify’ As A Person Of Color [VIDEO]

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Justin Caruso Contributor
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A recent video from Campus Reform exposes just how far some college students think universities should go to recognize people’s racial identity — even if it’s invented.


In the video, shot on Brown University, host Cabot Phillips asks students about a hypothetical “Pocahontas policy” that would allow students to self-identify based on race. (RELATED: Liberals Love GOP Tax Plan — As Long As They Think It’s Bernie’s [VIDEO])

Many students in the video responded positively.

“Overall I think it’s a good thing,” one student said. However, that student later said in the video that he “[feels] weird talking about this as not a person of color.”

Phillips asked, “But what if you feel like one though?”

Another student answered, “It’s intended to create uh, you know, an atmosphere of inclusion and support diversity and I don’t see anything wrong with that.”

“If somebody identifies as something it should be their right to,” another student said.

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