Fan Switches Out Of TCU Shirt Just To Get A Selfie With Stanford’s Bryce Love

(Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images)

Jena Greene Reporter
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There are tried and true fans who stick with their teams through the good and the bad and wear their colors to the end (like lifelong Eagles fans).

And then there are fair-weather fans, the scourge of the underworld who flip jerseys at the drop of a power ranking. Or just for an old-fashioned selfie.

It’s despicable. Here we have a Grade A example of a fair-weather fan, fresh off the TCU win last night:

Horrifying. The stuff nightmares are made of. Was this kid absent on the day you learn how to be a functioning citizen? It’s like rule No. 1 in the book of human decency. You just don’t change jerseys. I don’t care who you want a selfie with. You don’t rip your Horned Frogs shirt off only to reveal a Stanford shirt underneath just so you can get a “quick selfie” with Bryce Love. It’s just wrong.

Here’s the final product. Posted to social media, because of course.

No, Coleman. Don’t you “C’mon guys, it’s THE Bryce Love,” me. Not today. I don’t care if that was freaking Joe Montana, Tom Brady or Babe Ruth back from the dead. You wear your team colors with pride and dignity. You’re still allowed to respect another player’s game without being a total disgrace to your team.

And because Coleman is a shameful millennial he obviously had to leverage social media to his advantage and act like he was in on the joke.

Make. It. Stop.

But the real kicker is when Coleman actually tweeted at Stanford University, trying to use this video as a part of his application package.

I hope both TCU and Stanford send him notices kindly asking him not to apply. No school wants a guy willing to switch shirts for a photo.