It’s Pretty Hard To Get Excited For The Wisconsin Badgers’ Orange Bowl Game

(Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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The Wisconsin Badgers play the Miami Hurricanes in the Orange Bowl tomorrow, and — believe it or not — I’m struggling to get amped for the game.

Most people would be amped to have their team playing in a bowl game with an $18 million payout. Most people would excited to have a team that won 12 games. Most people would be excited to have a top-10 program.

Well, Wisconsin Badgers fans, myself included, aren’t most people. We should have been in the playoff, and we’re not. It’s kind of like when you went from dating a supermodel to dating a woman who is just an eight out of 10. It’s still impressive to the rest of the world, but you know deep down it’s a downgrade. Practically the entire world wants to be in your shoes, but you still aren’t satisfied. That’s what being a Wisconsin man is all about. We expect nothing but the best.

That’s why watching the game tomorrow isn’t exactly going to be a blast. I’m sure we’ll win by a lot. I’ll enjoy watching it, but I’ll just keep being reminded that this game is essentially a consolation prize. Lots of people would love an $18 million consolation prize. I do not. I’d rather play for free if it meant a shot at the title.

I guess that’s just my winning demeanor and attitude.

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