CNN Panelist: Trump Governing America Like A ‘Communist’ Or ‘Fascist’ Dictator [VIDEO]

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Justin Caruso Contributor
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CNN panelist Richard Painter accused President Trump on Tuesday of governing the United States like a “communist” or “fascist” dictator.


Painter, appearing on CNN’s “Erin Burnett OutFront,” said, “Well, [Trump] is basically saying that he wants to clean out the government, including the civil service, from any people who could be political opponents of his, anyone who might disapprove of him. And that’s the way business is done in a dictatorship, in a communist dictatorship or a fascist dictatorship or some other type. That’s not the way we do business in the United States.” (RELATED: MSNBC Guest: ‘Psychologically Deranged’ Trump Called Gillibrand A ‘Whore’ [VIDEO])

He added, “This is reaffirming what we have learned in 2017, that Donald Trump is a very dangerous man. He does not belong in the Presidency. And I voted republican, and I wan’t to continue to vote Republican, but I’m not going to support any member of the House or Senate who continues to support this president. He’s extremely dangerous. We need to put Mike Pence in there or somebody else because this type of rhetoric can lead to action and could mean the destruction of our democracy.”

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