Gambling On The College Football Playoff Is Not Going Well

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David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief
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Well, the college football playoff semi-finals are in the books, and I’m already deep in the hole with gambling losses.

I took Oklahoma and Clemson on the moneyline, and lost both of them. Shoutout to Georgia and Alabama for taking the money I was planning to donate to a children’s hospital or kids in the Middle East somewhere. I hope they’re happy.

I don’t know why I even get surprised at this anymore. Oklahoma literally had the Rose Bowl in the bag, but decided to pooch kick for some reason at the end of the first half. What happened after that? Georgia hit a field goal that eventually sent the game into overtime, where the Bulldogs won.

That’s a freaking joke. How do coaches let that happen? I can stomach losing the money on Clemson. They got blown out. It’s easy to rest at night knowing I didn’t get shafted. I might as well have lit that money on fire and thrown it out of a car window while driving down the highway.

But the Oklahoma one is painful. It didn’t have to end the way it did, but here we are. I’m deep in the hole with only one game left. Most men would give up, but I’m not most men. I’m David Hookstead, and I’m about to risk it all on Alabama. Time to get rich.

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