My Prediction Of Alabama Blowing Out Clemson Turned Out To Be Correct

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David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief
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Alabama rocked Clemson last night, and my prediction from a few days ago turned out to be pretty on point.

I wrote an article titled, “THIS VIDEO OF NICK SABAN DANCING MAKES ME THINK ALABAMA MIGHT WIN BY A BILLION,” and I stated the following:

Saban is known for rarely cracking a smile. You don’t win five national championships by cracking jokes. You win multiple national titles by being laser focused.

That’s why this video should make people so concerned.

Clemson might be in big trouble if Saban feels so comfortable ahead of game time that he’s dancing around.

That makes me think he’s got the perfect game plan already designed, and I’m not even an Alabama fan. In fact, I hate Alabama, but I’m more than willing to admit this video makes me very nervous. Saban looks like he’s ready to start clowning people.

Looks like Dabo Swinney and Clemson should spend a little more time reading my content. If they did that then maybe they wouldn’t be watching the national championship game on television at home.

I knew when I saw that video of Saban that Clemson might be in big trouble. I was nervous and I didn’t even have a dog in the fight. That’s how I knew Alabama was going to rock and roll.

And yes, before you all jump down my throat, I realize I tweeted before the game that Clemson would win. I also admitted that I was wrong. It was a moment of intense weakness on my part. Props to me for being man enough to admit when I was wrong and being man enough to remember that I accurately predicted the game a few days ago.

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