‘Ridiculous Thing’: CNN Revisits The Super Important Big White Truck Story [VIDEO]

CNN screenshot

Justin Caruso Senior Media Reporter

CNN on Tuesday once again discussed the mystery of a big white truck parked in front of a golf course where President Trump golfed last week.


On “Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer,” CNN’s Rebecca Berg said, “The fact that the president and the White House haven’t disclosed his golf outings, as blatantly obvious as they had been to all of us, shows I think a sense of self-awareness that the president has that he’s going against what he said about President Obama and, you know, doing exactly what he said shouldn’t be done when you’re President of the United States.”

Blitzer said, “It’s, you know, they try, David, we saw while he was at Mar-a-Lago, they tried to prevent the traveling White House press pool from even getting some pictures of the president playing golf.”

CNN’s David Chalian added, “Yes, when Rebecca was listing all the people that he’s concerned about his image with, one of the people you may have forgotten is his own image reflected back to him on television at night, and I don’t know that he himself loves seeing those images…”

Jeff Toobin added, “By the way, by the way, President Obama’s staff did not welcome cameras when President Obama was playing golf either. There were occasional photographs, but they kept the press at a pretty good distance as well. So I think this argument, I mean, obviously, this truck was a ridiculous thing and CNN was right to call them out on it, but you know, it is true, even that President Obama’s staff wasn’t crazy about the photographs. I guess presidents are supposed to clear brush, they’re not supposed to play golf.”

CNN gave a large amount of coverage to a white truck that was parked in front of a golf course where Trump was playing golf last week.

However, it was later reported that the truck did not in fact belong to Trump’s Secret Service, but instead to the Palm Beach County sheriff’s department. Additionally, the department was not told to block the view of Trump playing golf. (RELATED: CNN Finally Solves The Big White Truck Mystery)

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