The SEC Fanboys Are Out In Full Force – The Conference Still Isn’t Great

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David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief
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The fanboys of the SEC have been blowing me up ever since Alabama and Georgia made the title game, and I’m loving every second of it.

My phone has literally not stopped going off, my Twitter mentions are full of the SEC’s most faithful and my e-mail is full of people letting me know I’m an idiot that knows nothing about college football.

Don’t stop. Please continue at all costs, but let’s talk some facts while we’re here.

Yes, the SEC has both title teams. Congratulations to the conference. It’s an impressive accomplishment, but it doesn’t mean the SEC is the best conference.

The SEC might have the best team in America, Alabama, and maybe Georgia is the second best. We’ll find out when they play the Crimson Tide and Nick Saban.

However, don’t think for one second that those two teams are enough to make the SEC the best conference in America. Not by a country mile. The SEC was a pathetic 2-5 in bowl games before the playoff games started. Best conference in the country? Are you kidding me. Put down what you’re smoking and listen to some facts.

The SEC West champion, Auburn, couldn’t beat UCF. Not only did they not beat UCF, the Tigers were never in control of that game other than for about five minutes. Auburn rolled Alabama and got beat by a team not even in the Power Five.

South Carolina was only able to win after Michigan threw away a 19-3 in spectacular fashion. Give me a break. Yes, the SEC has two great teams at the top. The rest is laughable.

Let’s look at the Big Ten, who went 7-1. Wisconsin, PSU and OSU all put on dominating performances against highly ranked teams.

I love SEC fans, and I mean that. They’re good people, they care about football and they’re passionate. Those are all very redeeming qualities, but Alabama crushing Clemson doesn’t somehow make Mississippi State, Florida, Kentucky and Auburn all way more impressive than they actually are. Make decisions based off facts and not emotions. The facts tell us that the SEC has two outstanding teams, and the rest of the conference is average at best.

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