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Guy Named Butts Fired For Sexual Misconduct


Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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What are the chances that a guy named “Butts” sexually harassed a colleague?

Answer: Pretty good.

In one of those stories that practically writes itself, IGN, a large video games news site, has fired its own male editor-in-chief for allegedly harassing a female employee. It just so happens that his name is a horrible instance of self-prophecy: It’s Steve Butts.

Astonishingly, a former male editor was also accused of sexually harassing two female employees. He left the company voluntarily.
According to a site called Kotaku, IGN basically gave Butts the equivalent to an ankle bracelet and forced him to work from home.
The situation came to light when a female coworker outright accused Butts of harassment during an office meeting.
Employees called the situation “the elephant in the room.”