Joy Behar: Trump ‘Needs To Be Medicated And Hospitalized’

Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Joy Behar took her attacks against President Donald Trump to a new level Wednesday after she slammed him for tweeting at Kim Jong Un about his bigger nuclear button.

The comment came during a panel discussion on “The View” when co-host Whoopi Goldberg referred to Trump as the “tweeter in chief” for mocking North Korea’s dictator that the nuclear button on his desk “was much bigger.”

“Trump needs medicated and hospitalized at this point or he is going to just kill all of us,” Behar interjected. “You know, my feeling is probably they’re getting closer to him in the Mueller investigation and that’s what this is about, a lot of it.”

“It’s like he’ll blow the whole world up so his stupid sons don’t have to go to jail,” she added.

“I  keep wondering is there some sort of theory here some sort of strategy he’s using,” Sunny Hostin asked. “If truly he’s playing a game of chicken with a dictator in North Korea, we really are in trouble. People are talking about the 25th amendment and they’re saying he’s not mentally fit to be the president. If you’re doing this, is there a mental fitness problem. We all know the ramifications of nuclear war.”

“Not to bring too much levity to this, but when I first read the tweets last night I was like this is an intensely phallic thing to say,” Meghan McCain shared. “This seems to about who is bigger in what context or another. Which is why Nikki Haley needs to run for president. We need have a woman one way or the other taking over.”

“I keep having friends call and me and text me like ‘is there really a button in the White House, is it boom and we nuke?’ That’s not how this works,” she added. “First the president will have to convene with military and civilian advisers in D.C. Once the decision is to strike, a senior official in the Pentagon war room must formally authenticate the code. There’s a whole set of checks and balances.”

“We may have those checks and balances here,” Behar responded. “He [Trump’s] dealing with a mentally unstable opponent who doesn’t have those checks and balance,s as far as I can see. So why play this provocative game back and forth with someone who is almost as crazy as Trump or maybe more.”