Luke Bryan In Trouble With PETA After Gifting Wife Baby Kangaroos For Christmas

Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Luke Bryan found himself in trouble with PETA after gifting two baby kangaroos to his wife for Christmas, according to Fox News Wednesday.

The 41-year-old country singer got the attention of the animal rights organization after he shared a picture on his Instagram account last week showing two baby kangaroos in diapers lying on a rug next to his fireplace.

The caption next to the sweet shot read, “2 Live Roo and Roo Tang Clan are living their best life. Seriously…real names are Margo and Todd. They are adjusting perfectly are beyond sweet and precious. #brettsbarn #christmasvacation #margoandtodd.”

“Baby kangaroos belong in their mothers’ pouches, not in gift bags,” Colleen O’Brien, vice president of PETA, said in a statement. “These joeys have complex needs, including specialized diets and room to roam– they are not toys and will only become more difficult to care for as they grow older. PETA is calling for an investigation into where these kangaroos came from and stands ready to help Luke Bryan right this wrong and move these vulnerable marsupials to a reputable sanctuary.”

The country singer noted in the video reveal that the baby animals are the newest additions to their family’s recently-founded animal rescue barn called “Brett’s Barn.” According to another report, the rescue barn is a place that works with local charities to bring children “out to interact with rescue animals.”

There has been no comment yet from the singer on PETA’s condemnation.