Take A Look At Paris Hilton’s Absurd 20-Carat Engagement Ring

(Photo credit: Getty Images)

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Paris Hilton got engaged over the holiday weekend and her ring is exactly what you would expect for the Hilton Hotel heiress.

Hilton and boyfriend Chris Zylka were vacationing in Aspen, Colorado over New Year’s Eve when “The Leftovers” actor popped the question. The details of their engagement spilled out over the holiday, but we didn’t get the details on the gigantic rock that Zylka gave the former reality star until now.

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Zylka had the 20-carat rock custom designed (of course) by celebrity jeweler Michael Greene, who dedicated about four months to making it just right, according to TMZ. Apparently Zylka was shaking when he picked the ring up before his ski trip with Paris–and why wouldn’t he be, the thing cost a whopping $2 million.

To say the tear-shaped diamond, which is surrounded by a bunch of other smaller ones, is big would be a massive understatement. The rock is so big that it barley fits between the knuckle and first joint of Hilton’s ring finger.

To be fair Hilton didn’t buy the ring herself, but the fact that her boyfriend felt the need to purchase a monstrosity like this in order to pop the question is absurd to say the least.