Syrian Rebels Are Fighting Assad With A Trebuchet That Launches Flaming Projectiles [VIDEO]

Liam Clancy Reporter
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Anti-regime rebels in Syria are using homemade weapons to fight against government forces, and one of them is straight out of the Medieval Ages.

A video posted to LiveLeak Wednesday shows the rebel group “Sham Rassol” using an improvised siege weapon that resembles a trebuchet to launch two burning projectiles. The video then shows the projectiles fall short of their intended target, a small building.


An overview of Sham Rassol’s social media presence indicates it is one of the many anti-Assad Islamist forces currently battling the regime. While both the Islamic State and Syrian opposition forces such as the Free Syrian Army have largely been defeated in Syria, pockets of resistance remain.

Syrian rebels have used a multitude of different improvised weapons in the past, such as a “Hell Cannon” and “bomb slingshots.”

During the Ukrainian revolution in 2014, Ukrainian opposition forces also used a makeshift trebuchet to launch projectiles at police.