Katy Tur: White House ‘Sources’ Say They’re Concerned About Trump’s ‘Mental State’ [VIDEO]

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Justin Caruso Contributor
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MSNBC host Katy Tur said Thursday that her White House “sources” have talked about being concerned for President Trump’s “mental state.”


Tur said, “I’ve been going through the book, Josh. The running theme in the book is Donald Trump’s mental state.”

Tur is referring to claims made by Michael Wolff in both an explosive new book and an article in the Hollywood Reporter on the Trump White House. The White House has disputed the claims made by Wolff. (RELATED: Deputy WH Press Sec Calls Michael Wolff A ‘Crackpot Fake News Fiction Writer’ [VIDEO])

She also said, “In the book, Wolff discusses the president’s paranoia also about being poisoned. Again, a lot about his mental state. Josh, and I don’t know what your sources have been telling you. But I’ve been talking to people inside the White House, people who used to work at the White House, people who were close with Donald Trump, and folks have been a little bit concerned about his mental state, not just now but for some time. A few months ago, I had one former staffer text me to say, ‘Does it look like he’s lost a step to you?'”

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