Report: Matt Lauer Can’t Stop Emailing Advice To NBC Producers

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Jena Greene Reporter
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Matt Lauer just can’t seem to keep his hand off the (send) button.

The disgraced former “Today” host has reportedly been sending emails to his ex-producers, giving them tips and pointers on how to run their show better.

According to Page Six, he recently sent an email to a former NBC producer to inform him or her that they were using the wrong music to introduce a segment. No word on what his suggestion was.

How would one even draft an email like this? Can you imagine what went through that poor producer’s head when he saw “New Message From: Matt Lauer” in his inbox?

There’s something downright hysterical about this. Guy got canned a month ago and is now the biggest embarrassment to the NBC network (which, in itself, is pretty hard to do) and he’s still trying to pry his way back in. Remember when OJ got released from prison and had the audacity to ask for a private, normal life? That was humorous. Remember when Harvey Weinstein revealed he was planning his comeback after he was found to be the biggest creep in Hollywood? That was pretty bold.

But the Lauer thing is downright shameless. It’s sad and disrespectful and it reveals just how un-sorry he really is. That tearful apology he issued a month ago? Absolute garbage. Throw it in the same dumpster that holds Rosie O’Donnell’s non-elastic waistbands, and that stupid white power story about the White House intern. It’s all garbage.