‘Bemoan Your Wretched Status’: Joy Reid Goes After Tucker Over Segment On Articles Attacking White People [VIDEO]

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Justin Caruso Contributor
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MSNBC host Joy Reid went after Fox News’ Tucker Carlson for a segment on his show this week about articles attacking white people.


On Sunday’s “AM Joy,” Reid mocked right-leaning media for its coverage over the past week, alleging that conservative news outlets have become “de facto state run media.”

After playing clips of Sean Hannity bringing up Hillary Clinton on Fox News this week, Reid said, “Or, you can go with the Tucker Carlson approach and bemoan your wretched status as a persecuted majority.” (RELATED: MSNBC Guest: Republicans Are The Party Of ‘White Supremacists’ And ‘Sexual Assaulters’ [VIDEO])

She then played a clip from “Tucker Carlson Tonight” where the Daily Caller co-founder says, “Every time I pull up BuzzFeed, or Huffington Post, or any lefty site there’s some piece about white people are a scourge on America…”

Reid then mocked, “Yeah, I mean, he can’t even read the internet without pulling up some terrible thing…” (RELATED: MSNBC Guest Compares GOP Tax Cuts To ‘Rape’ [VIDEO])

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