My Culver’s Eating Challenge Has Come To An End — There Was So Much Winning

Culver's (Credit: Jonathan Weiss / Shutterstock.com)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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My attempt to eat Culver’s pretty much every single day for three weeks came to an end Saturday afternoon.

Many men throughout the ages have left different legacies imprinted on the history of the world. Some people want to go to the moon, some people want to run billion dollar hedge funds and some want to be world leaders. Me? I want to crush multiple weeks of Culver’s. I’ll let history decide which one is the greatest accomplishment.

My plane touched down in Wisconsin, aka God’s Country, December 19, and I’ve had Culver’s every single day except one. I wrapped up the challenge this afternoon with a meal there on my way back from a wedding.

Again, people tried to tell me that this was not a smart idea. Surely, nobody had ever completed at three-week challenge of nothing but one restaurant and lived to tell good stories. Well, I’m here to tell you that I did it.

I weighed myself before the challenge began, and I checked in at 185 pounds. As I’ve said before, I almost have the perfect build for a defensive back or wide receiver on paper. Not so much in reality. Anyways, I ate over 25 Culver’s meals and LOST weight once again. It went exactly like it did last year. I’m now checking in at a lean 183, and that’s probably a bit high because I crushed a billion drinks last night. That’s not great for the scales.

The haters said it couldn’t be done, but here I am. How do I do it? Honestly, how do I do it? I’m almost tired of all the winning.

What a crazy time to be alive. I make a quick trip to Wisconsin, buy enough armaments to invade the Middle East, crush Culver’s and lose weight. What a wild time to be living in this world. Stay tuned because we’ve got another challenge on the horizon.

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