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Morning Mirror: GQ Portrays Michael Wolff As The King Of Journalism

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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“I can’t think of a more important thing the President of the United States could be doing than orchestrating a fake awards show for people he views as insufficiently servile.”

Scott Bixby, weekend editor, The Daily Beast.

How To Make It All About Me 

“If I had agreed to be the White House press secretary when the president asked Jared Kushner to hire me, would I be ‘Desperate David’ by now? It’s hard to say. I’d like to think I would have done a better job than Steve Bannon, but he threw sand in my gears. Hard to say.” — David Martosko, Daily Mail.

BANNING BANNON: Former friends of the website known as Breitbart News weigh in on Steve Bannon and the latest drama hitting the site. Most say it’s time for him to go. Read here.

Ahhh, but there’s this… 

“I like all these ‘I always hated Bannon’ stories coming out from conservative commentators who keep their lips shut when they thought he was Trump’s best pal.” — Caleb Howe, editor-in-chief, RedState.

Tomi Lahren sees something strange about the Golden Globes 

“So if Hollywood is all about women and solidarity, why a male host? Hmm thought you Libs would be all over that one. Noted. #GoldenGlobes.” — Tomi Lahren, Fox News.

A compliment for CNN’s Jake Tapper

(Tapper got a lot of nods on Sunday for his contentious interview with Trump aide Stephen Miller.)

“Way to Tapp that ass bro @jaketapper.” — Bobby Cannavale, actor.

He replied, “Thanks Bobby. though I’m not sure, um..”

More on Stephen Miller…

“The Stephen Miller paradox is that he is both the perfect spokesperson for this administration yet the worst possible voice they could put forward. Incompetence and malevolence turned up to 11.” — Matthew Miller, MSNBC Justice and Security Analyst.

Donald Trump weighs in on Jake Tapper 

“Jake Tapper of Fake News CNN just got destroyed in his interview with Stephen Miller of the Trump Administration. Watch the hatred and unfairness of this CNN flunky!” — DJT.

Writer says more journalists should be like Michael Wolff 

“I’m gonna begin this post with the same disclaimer that needs to come with every post about Michael Wolff, which is that Wolff is a fart-sniffer whose credibility is often suspect and who represents the absolute worst of New York media-cocktail-circuit inbreeding. But in a way, it’s fitting that our least reliable president could finally find himself undone at the hands of one of our least reliable journalists.” — Drew Magery, GQ. Read the whole piece here.

OUCH: Debra Messing Dings E! During E! interview 

“Debra Messing drags E! (while being interviewed on E!): ‘I was so shocked to hear that E! doesn’t believing in paying their female co-hosts the same as their male co-hosts.'” — David Mack, BuzzFeed.

The Oversharing Copy Editor 

“Was outside long enough that my breath turned into ice in my beard. That was pretty crazy.” — Chris Slater, copy editor, Charleston Gazette-Mail.

Journo attacked for his stance on brunch 

“I have gay friends attacking me via text-message for my anti-brunch position. My god!!!” — Yashar Ali, freelancer, New York Mag, HuffPost.

Business Insider‘s Josh Barro sympathized, saying, “As with so many things, the problem is not brunch itself but the way many people brunch badly.”

Why watching the Golden Globes is shitty… 

“It’s painful watching the #GoldenGlobes. Hollywood stars protected rapists, sexual harassers and some of the worst people on this planet because it made them money. Now, Hollywood wants to lecture the rest of America on how they’re morally superior than the rest of us.” — David Hookstead, editor, The Smoke Room, The Daily Caller.

Editor doesn’t mean to drop babies but… 

“Thanks to @anthonyjeselnik I’ll never feel bad about dropping a baby again…the 1st time it happened I was traumatized..the 2nd time..not that much…I actually warned @SACrockettJr when I went to visit that I was prone to baby dropping..but he still handed me his baby.” — Yesha Callahan, deputy managing editor, The Root. She later added, “Don’t was my son..he turned out alright.”

Just in case you want to know more about Yesha, she’s tired… 

“Exhaustion is sitting in your bathroom wondering why it’s so dark…then only to realize you never turned the light on.” — YC.

We Watch This Dumb CNN Media Show So You Don’t Have To

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CNN’s Brian Stelter is so brave… 









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