Help Your Children Develop Good Habits With This Innovative Smartwatch

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The Octopus Kids Habit Tracking Watch is the first icon-based watch that empowers kids by teaching them good habits and the concept of time. With more than 700 icons to choose from to help develop symbols for daily routines, this watch fosters responsibility, independence, and self-esteem by linking time to events. Meaning, your children are encouraged to stick to a schedule — like brushing their teeth every morning at the same time — which makes developing and rewarding their good behavior incredibly simple! Plus, it provides complete peace of mind to parents by holding up to 5 lines of important information, such as phone numbers, allergies, or blood type in case of emergency. Best of all, it’s 25 percent off at The Daily Caller Shop.

Normally $80, this kids tracking watch is 25 percent off

Normally $80, this kids tracking watch is 25 percent off

Octopus Kids Habit Tracking Watch on sale for $59.99

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