Rapper Who Attacked Trump Performs At Halftime Show With The President In Attendance

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Justin Caruso Contributor
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Rapper Kendrick Lamar performed at the halftime show of a college football game between the Alabama Crimson Tide and Georgia Bulldogs where President Trump was in attendance Monday.


Lamar performed his songs, “DNA,” “Element”  and “Humble” during the show. The rapper is producing a soundtrack for the upcoming film “Black Panther.”

Kendrick Lamar has previously attacked President Trump in a song released in 2017 titled, “The Heart Part 4.”

He rapped:

“The whole world gone mad
Bodies is addin’ up, market’s about to crash
Niggas is fake rich, bitches is fake bad
Blacks that act white, whites that do the dab
Donald Trump is a chump
Know how we feel, punk? Tell ’em that God comin’
And Russia need a replay button, y’all up to somethin’
Electorial votes look like memorial votes
But America’s truth ain’t ignorin’ the votes”

However, Lamar did not address Trump directly tonight, despite having his full attention with the president sitting in the crowd. (RELATED: Trump Just Walked On The Field For The National Championship Game And Put All NFL Kneelers To Shame)

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