Jeb Bush Is ‘Encouraged’ By Trump’s Bipartisan Meeting On Immigration

Photo by Brad Barket/Getty Images for Ozy Fusion Fest 2017

Justin Caruso Contributor
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Former Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush tweeted Tuesday that he was “encouraged” by President Trump holding a bipartisan meeting on immigration.

Jeb Bush’s tweet came after Trump met with both Republicans and Democrats Tuesday and let the media in for about an hour to observe.

President Trump said in the bipartisan meeting, “I feel having the Democrats in with us is absolutely vital because it should be a bipartisan bill. It should be a bill of love. Truly. It should be a bill of love. But it also has to be a bill where we’re able to secure our border. Drugs are pouring into our country at a record pace. A lot of people coming in that we can’t have.” (RELATED: Trump Gives Media Extraordinary Access To Immigration Debate [VIDEO])

During his presidential campaign, Trump promised to end DACA and build a wall on the Southern border to end illegal immigration.

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