‘Lucky You Guys’: Sarah Sanders Pokes Fun At Reporters Over Sitting In On DACA Meeting [VIDEO]

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Justin Caruso Contributor
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White House press secretary Sarah Sanders poked fun at the media Tuesday over the White House allowing reporters to observe a bipartisan immigration talk.


The Hill’s Jordan Fabian said, “It’s pretty unusual for us in the press corps to have a front row seat to those kind of negotiations in the cabinet room for around an hour.”

“Lucky you guys,” Sanders said.

Fabian asked, “Whose decision was it to allow the press in to witness that entire negotiation, and what was the goal of having us sit there and watch?”

Sanders said, “Just to be clear you weren’t there for the entire negotiation, because the deal didn’t take place until after you guys left. But I think a number of individuals in the room felt it was a good thing to let you see the cooperation, and the conversation between both sides and see how we are working and leading to move the ball down the field and come up with some real solutions.”

President Trump had a meeting with both Democrats and Republicans Tuesday and the press was allowed to observe for almost an hour. (RELATED: Jeb Bush Is ‘Encouraged’ By Trump’s Bipartisan Meeting On Immigration)

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