The Raiders Press Conference Welcoming Jon Gruden Back Was Straight-Up Electric

(Photo credit: screenshot/YouTube Raiders)

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The Oakland Raiders welcomed Jon Gruden back as their head coach on Tuesday with a press conference that was electric straight out of the gate.

“Once a Raider always a Raider, never been more appropriate than today” team owner Mark Davis began before introducing Gruden’s family and playing a hype video from Gruden’s time with the team years ago. “Raider nation, this is a big, effing deal. Please welcome the head coach of the Oakland Raiders, Mr. John Gruden.”

The former coach who has spent about ten years in the broadcast booth since stepping away from coaching was welcomed back with a huge applause before offering his own remarks at the press conference.

“Obviously this is very emotional for me. I never wanted to leave the Raiders. I never thought I’d be back, but here I am and I’m ready to get to work,” he said. “I just want to say that there’s really four major reasons I am here coaching today. Number one: I love football. I love players that play it, I love the preparation, I love the journey. Love football. And I love the city of Oakland. I had a son here. Some of my great memories in life are in Oakland and I want to give them two of the best years of football that I can possibly help deliver. And I love the Raiders,” Gruden continued. “Everywhere I went as a Monday Night Football analyst the Raider nation would come out of the ground. I love the Raiders and most of all I love to win and I’m going to do everything I can–no guarantees, no promises–but I want to win.”

The NFL better get ready for Gruden’s return, because if it’s half as exciting as this press conference, they’re in for wild ride.