TheDC Newsroom: Wait, Google Is Slandering Conservative Websites??? Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That!!!

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It’s Tuesday, January 9, 2018, and you’re back in The Daily Caller Newsroom.


Jennifer Palmieri, Jennifer Palmieri… why do we know that name?

Oh yeah, she was the communications director for Hillary Clinton’s highly successful 2016 presidential campaign. These days, she’s set up shop at The Center For American Progress Action Fund and is circulating memos marking DREAMers as a “critical component of the Democratic Party’s future electoral success.”

So much for no longer playing identity politics.

In other news, turns out Google is cracking down on fake news by fact-checking websites directly in the search bar.

Except, they’re only doing it to conservative websites or pages who don’t agree with their executives’ politics.

Aaaaand they’re using totally fictitious claims to do so.

The Daily Caller News Foundation’s Eric Lieberman has the full scoop.