This Dog Should Be Named Citizen Of The Year For Saving Its Family


Jena Greene Reporter
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A family in St. Louis, Missouri has reason to be a little extra grateful for their dog this week.

That’s because on Sunday, the Beaudreau family awoke to their black lab, River, causing a fuss in the middle of the night. According to Lauren Beaudreau, River barked and nudged her nonstop for minutes on end.

“I’m thinking, ‘What a pain in the butt. What’s wrong with you, dog?'” She said.

She tried to let her outside and give her treats, but nothing helped to calm her down. So Lauren and her husband Matt started searching the house to figure out what River was trying to tell them.

When they went to open the door to the garage, they discovered the building was on fire.

“Flames and black smoke and immediately slammed the door,” Matt Beaudreau said. “We had our phones, and I got my bag with my laptop in it because it was by the door.”

They also grabbed their three children, and of course, their dog. Once they reached safety outside, the flames spread and engulfed the entire house. But they were thankful for River who tipped them off early.

“River is a hero. She was sent like a guardian angel,” Laura Beaudreau told KSDK News. “She saved our lives.”

This is really just further proof that dogs are superior animals and that black labs are at the top of that list. We humans really don’t deserve them.