Trump Promises: ‘I’ll Beat Oprah’

Alex Wong/Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Benny Johnson Columnist, Viral Politics
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The buzz about Oprah Winfrey possibly running for president has finally broken through to the White House, where a reporter asked President Trump about the speculation.

At a meeting on immigration with members of Congress, Trump replied, “Yeah, I’ll beat Oprah. Oprah would be lots of fun,” before stating that he went on her show once.

“I know her very well,” he continued. “You know, I did one of her last shows. … I like Oprah.”

Trump added that he too thinks an Oprah run is fantasy: “I don’t think she’s going to run.”

Trump has gone on Oprah’s show multiple times. Here is a clip of her asking him about foreign policy and running for president in 1988:

There was an enormous amount of speculation in the media that Oprah will seek political office after she delivered a stirring speech at the Golden Globes Sunday night. Sources close to Oprah have indicated that she is interested in a presidential run, but Oprah said through a spokesperson that a 2020 run is something that’s not going to happen.