Connie Britton Offers Flimsy Defense For Her ‘Poverty Is Sexist’ Shirt

(Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

Jena Greene Reporter
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One of the most talked about looks at this year’s Golden Globes was Connie Britton’s “poverty is sexist” shirt.

At first most people were just confused as to why exactly poverty is sexist. Somewhere around 70 percent of the homeless population is male. And 97 percent of homeless vets are male. But it’s not likely that these are the statistics Britton is hinting at.

Others remained confused for different reasons. Many wondered why the “Friday Night Lights” actress was protesting poverty on a night where women were supposed to be united against sexual harassment. And most people were just confused in general.

But even more backlash mounted against the actress after the sweater’s price tag was revealed. According to designer Lingua Franca’s website, the hand-sewn sweater (and others similar to it) retails for a cool $380.

Predictably, many Twitter users were outraged.

Apparently Connie Britton couldn’t take the criticism any longer because she bravely took to Twitter to defend the top.

Nice little dig on all the “$5000+” gowns there too. We get it. You’re rich and woke.

At this point, you just kind of have to sit back and enjoy the downfall that is modern Hollywood. The majority of Americans couldn’t care less about what Connie Britton thinks about poverty. She’s not a legislator, and as she so deftly demonstrated on Sunday, she’s not a genius either.

Most celebrities protesting things like poverty, sexism, gun violence, and immigration have enough money to fund a small village, more advantages than the average white male in middle America, enough security to never have to worry about gun violence, and privacy walls that separate them from the rest of the world.

Now that celebrities are being exposed for the hypocrites they really are, the rest of America can just sit back and laugh at the stupidity.