It Might Be About Time To Throw In The Towel On Wisconsin’s Basketball Season

David Hookstead | Reporter

The Wisconsin Badgers lost a heartbreaker Tuesday night against Nebraska, and I’m getting ready to admit this season might be a lost cause.

One thought kept racing through my mind as I watched the Badgers struggle mightily at times against a team that I never would dream of losing to. I found myself asking why do bad things happen to good people?

I’ve always thought of myself as a good person and a great basketball fan. I always figured that God would look out for my teams because I’m toeing the line and I’m loyal to my colors. That’s not how this season is playing out. This season is on its way to being a complete and total disaster.

The Badgers are 9-9, under .500 in conference play, and it’s looking like all hope has been lost. Are all the good deeds I’ve done — not to mention the fact I’m taking over the internet — not enough to build up the karma my guys need to win?

Seriously, what the hell is it going to take to start winning some games? It’s just heartbreaking out in these streets right now.

I’ve been raised to expect excellence, and that’s pretty much how I’ve spent my whole life. You might as well not even exist if you’re just going to be average. So, I guess I’ll just say a prayer and hope for the best because this is truly uncharted territory. For the first time in my entire life, I’m not sure if Wisconsin will make the tournament. It’s a sobering moment.

Is this how fans of loser teams feel all the time? This is simply exhausting.

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