The Six People Who Voted UCF As The Number One Team In America Are Heroes

David Hookstead | Reporter

Six voters in the final Associated Press poll voted UCF as the top football team in America.

The Knights were only bumped up to sixth overall, but I’d like to personally crown the six voters who placed them at the top as American heroes.

Haters will say it’s fake, but we are National Champs

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I can’t get enough of this. People are so upset with UCF crowning themselves national champions, and now people are even complaining about them getting first-place votes.

Guess what? UCF went undefeated, defeating Auburn, which is something Georgia and Alabama can’t say. If you don’t want UCF claiming to be national champions, then don’t let them go undefeated. It’s really that simple. This is football. It’s not some grand conspiracy.

Hopefully, UCF continues this throughout the offseason because then the SEC fanboys are really going to lose their minds.

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