Alabama Freshman Sensation Tua Tagovailoa Sticks Up For Jalen Hurts

Ford Springer | Reporter

Tua Tagovailoa knows that he wouldn’t have had a chance to take over in the National Championship game on Monday night if Jalen Hurts didn’t get them there first.

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The national championship between Alabama and Georgia was the tale of two halves–and two quarterbacks for the Crimson Tide. Alabama’s starting quarterback Jalen Hurts got the tide off to a bad start in the first half and didn’t even get the chance to redeem himself in the second. Instead head coach Nick Saban took a chance by putting in his freshman backup QB Tua Tagovailoa who led the Tide to an unforgettable comeback win.

As you might expect, Tagovailoa has been receiving praise all week for his performance, but he hasn’t forgotten who carried his team as far as he could and stepped aside when he had to. (RELATED: Jalen Hurts Is The Unsung Hero Of The National Championship)

“Tired of people not appreciating the fact that if this man led us to the National Championship,” Tagovailoa wrote with a picture of the two quarterbacks embracing one another. “And for all the fans that are against Jalen, you against me too. You either WITH US or AGAINST US.”

Hurts, who had to stand by and watch as his backup led their team to victory on Monday, seemed to appreciate the sentiment.

“Love You Too Lil Bro,” he wrote in response to Tagovailoa’s tweet. “Proud Of You! #NationalChampions.”

Many of the talking heads in the sports industry have been speculating on whether or not Hurts will transfer to another school after getting benched in the national title game, but he’s made no indication of doing so. However, the one thing that is perfectly clear is there is no bad blood between the two quarterbacks of the Crimson Tide.

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