Chris Cuomo Fancies Himself A Serious Journalist

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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CNN’s Chris Cuomo knocked his competitors during an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, claiming that CNN holds itself to a higher standard when covering the president.

Cuomo, who hosts “New Day” and also recently started hosting a temporary primetime show, said conservative pundits are “pandering” and are not “fair brokers,” apparently putting himself on a pedestal as an objective purveyor of the news. (RELATED: Chris Cuomo: CNN ‘Is Not Fake!’)

“They give him cover by disingenuously attacking the media for doing its job,” Cuomo argued. “They are pandering to a very specific audience that is now called ‘the base.'”

“So, they are not fair brokers of what’s going on. And that’s OK,” he continued. “The media has room for everybody. They’re pundits, not journalists, and that’s what they do.” (RELATED: Chris Cuomo Spreads Fake News About Bump Stocks)

Cuomo also claimed that MSNBC and Fox News both made an “obvious choice” about how they wanted to cover President Trump, implying that CNN was being fair and objective.

“They’ve made a very obvious choice about what they want to do. And MSNBC has made an obvious choice as well. And they are within their rights to do that, and the audience gets to decide,” he stated. “That’s why I came to CNN.”

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