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Morning Mirror: Women Give Author Of ‘Sh**** Media Men’ Spreadsheet A Big Kiss

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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“When I began working in magazines as a new college graduate in 2013, I was furtively warned away from several of my industry’s most well-known abusers. Over the intervening years, I’ve met these characters in various guises. There was the hard-drinking editor who had worked in all the most prestigious editorial departments, who would down whiskeys until he was drunk enough to mention that he could help your career if you slept with him. There was the editor who would lean too close but who was funny enough that he would often charm women into consensual encounters that were then rumored to turn abruptly, frighteningly violent.”

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Moira Donegan, the author of the “Shitty Media Men” spreadsheet, and a former writer for The New Republic. She outed herself in an essay Wednesday night ahead of an alleged upcoming Harper‘s piece that planned to release her name. Read it in its entirety in New York Mag’s “The Cut.”

Marisa Kabas, editorial director of HOPE, reacts to Moira’s piece, saying, “Nothing but gratitude and respect for Moira Donegan as a woman who knew too many men on that list, thank you. …I want to, like, have a part for Moira.”

The New Yorker‘s food writer Helen Rosen: “Thank you.”

Rachel Sklar, co-founder of Mediaite: “Wish I’d had a you back in the day.”

Rachel Vorona Cote, Grand Central Publishing: “Thank you for this, Moira, and for the list. Please take care of yourself, and know that you can call on so many of us if ever you have need. xo”

Sonya Saraiya: “Thank you.”

Brian Nies, breaking news, CNN: “Thank you for doing this.”

Sam Escobar, deputy editor, Allure: “Thanks you so much.”

Casey Newton, Silicon Valley editor, Verge: “This is a brave act and a beautiful piece of writing. Cheers.”


Meghan McCain praised for sharply challenging Michael Wolff

Considering she recently complained to ABC “The View”  co-hosts Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg and the other ladies that she didn’t think she was very good at her job expressing the conservative side of the equation, she appears to be feel pretty good with all the kudos. Besides this, there are others flooding her Twitter mentions.



BuzzFeed reporter wants an award for his shaving abilities 

“I shaved my face without bleeding for the first time in over a decade, AMA.” — Joe Bernstein, senior technology reporter, BuzzFeed.

Alex Marlow assumes control at Breitbart News

“Congratulations to Alex Marlow, who will be taking over Breitbart News Network. He is a decent man with a caring and wonderful family and a sense of humor that comes from being slightly smarter than most people (and knowing it). Do your best.” — Patrick Howley, formerly of Breitbart News, now an editor at Big League Politics.

Ben Smith lands a new job at the American Chemical Society 

“Some personal news: I just accepted a new position at the American Chemical Society helping their digital marketing and communications team. Thanks for all the support over the last few weeks!”– Ben Smith, formerly of the Washington Examiner and The Daily Caller. And no, not that other Ben Smith over at BuzzFeed.

Politico publicist brags about Politico

No one covers health care policy with the depth of @Politico. Check out this issue focused on the big issues America could tackle if it wants to really meet its long-term health challenges. — Brad Dayspring.

Ex-FNCer Eric Boelert trashes NYT

“Oh look, a NYT dude writing a Hillary bashing column. bc that’s what passes for insight there.” — Boelert, linking to this column by Frank Bruni titled, “Is Oprah the Un-Trump, or the Un-Clinton?”

Good sound advice

“Sometimes you just need to log off and go to bed at 7.30pm.” — Jennifer Hassan, world news and social media, WaPo.

Journo may finally leave the country 

“I’m finally getting my first passport like a grown up [sic]. I’m going to conquer my fear of leaving North America.” — Cassandra Fairbanks, Big League Politics.

Scaramucci seems to be suited for OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network) 

Guy Endore-Kaiser (TV screenwriter, most recently he wrote for the TV series, The Grinder): “Lots of people manage to keep a public profile even after their time is up. Right, Mooch?”

Mooch: “C’mon Guy, you can do better than that! Be more creative next time. And loosen up a bit.”

Guy Endore-Kaiser: “I thought that was pretty good, but I’d love to see your pitches that are better. What would your top three responses have been?”

Mooch: “You’re the screenwriter, not me! Remember – I’m just a failed communications director. But I’d think the response to a satirical tweet would attempt to be funny. Let go of the hate – it’s poisonous to the soul.” — Anthony Scarramucci, one-time 11-day White House communications director.”

Gossip Roundup








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