WaPo Reporter Placed On Leave After She’s Exposed Giving Secret Strategy Briefing At Soros Conference


Peter Hasson Senior Reporter

The Washington Post has placed national reporter Janell Ross on leave after she was exposed giving a strategy briefing at a secret strategy conference for left-wing donors, politicians and activists in November, according to a new report.

Ross was a featured speaker a conference funded by Democracy Alliance, a network of left-wing donors aligned with billionaire financier George Soros. Ross’s role at the conference, which was closed to reporters, was only revealed when the Washington Free Beacon obtained a copy of the conference agenda. She did not notify her employers before speaking at the left-wing summit, where she briefed attendees on “getting the economic narrative right” in future elections.

Nearly two months later, Ross has been placed on leave for secretly briefing the left-wing conference, CNN reports. Ross is not expected to return to the paper, according to the CNN report.

A spokesperson for the Post declined The Daily Caller’s request for comment.

Since Donald Trump’s election, Democracy Alliance has focused on funding and organizing the anti-Trump “resistance.” Soros and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi both attended the November conference where Ross gave her presentation.