Wisconsin Football Is Getting Ready To ‘Reload’ – Just Give Them The Championship

David Hookstead | Reporter

Wisconsin football posted a message on Twitter Thursday that has me salivating for the upcoming season.

They posted the word “rebuild” in a tweet, but crossed it out and replaced it with “reload.”

It’s just the type of fix us addicts need to help us get through to the next season.

Let’s go! Will the Badgers even have a game within 50 points next year? Such an alpha move from whoever runs their Twitter account.

See ya under the lights in 234 days… #OnWisconsin

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This is like when a military commander says, “We never retreat. We simply reload and regroup.”

I’m in love with this tweet. Will other teams even practice this spring or do you think they just give up?

There’s absolutely no reason for our enemies to continue onward at this point. They’re simple dead men walking right into Wisconsin’s juggernaut.

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