CNN’s Symone Sanders: Trump Comment ‘Just Straight-Up Racist’ [VIDEO]

Justin Caruso Contributor
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CNN commentator Symone Sanders said Thursday that President Trump’s report comment about “shithole countries” is “not even coded, it’s just straight-up racist.”


CNN political commentator and former adviser to Donald Trump’s campaign Jack Kingston said, “The shortcut to victory is to call somebody a name, and I have seen it over and over again. And I know on the right, we do it to the left, and the left does it to us. I think in this case, going beyond the crass language, he was trying to talk about meritorious immigration.” (RELATED: CNN’s Symone Sanders: White People Aren’t Allowed To Criticize NFL Kneeling [VIDEO])

Sanders responded, “Let me tell you why this is why this is problematic. The president of the United States of America sat in a meeting, and basically said, ‘Why do we have to take all these black and brown people? Why can’t we just have good white immigrants?’ That is what he said.

Kingston said, “He did not say that. That’s the narrative.” (RELATED: CNN’s Symone Sanders: ‘We Must Believe’ Accusers, Even If There’s No Proof [VIDEO])

“‘Why do we have to people from the shitholes of African countries and of Haiti and of El Salvador? Why can’t we have the good immigrants from Norway?’ That is problematic. That’s why so many people are upset. That’s why so many people are calling him a racist.”

She added, “That’s not even coded. That’s just straight-up racist.”

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