‘I’m Not Melting!’ — Ana Navarro Melts During CNN Shout-Fest [VIDEO]

Julia Nista General Assignment Reporter
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Ana Navarro started screaming at the camera when discussing President Trump’s recent immigration comments on CNN Friday morning.


“But you know what, President Trump is gonna get that done, but the political left is going immediately to the personal attacks because they have no argument,” said Jason Miller in regard to an immigration bill, former senior communications adviser for the Trump campaign.

“Let me tell you something, this isn’t about you and me,” Navarro, whose voice became suddenly and audibly shrill as she discussed the issue.

“You can’t even sit there and watch the president’s own words without calling John Burman in New Day ridiculous because you don’t even have the face to look be able to look at his own words. This program isn’t putting words in his mouth, they’re quoting him. That’s him on video. Those are his words, he has been a racist his entire life,” screamed Navarro.

“Ana, you’re melting. You’re melting Ana,” responded Miller.

“Oh no, I’m not melting, I’m not a snowflake. You know who I am, I am an American citizen with a voice and a vote,” she contended.

Miller butted in, saying, “It’s not even springtime and you’re melting.”

“Do not offend me Jason, I don’t say that you look like a bafoon trying to make sense of what this man is saying. This is about Donald Trump being a racist, I don’t care what you say. This is about the haitian kids and the African kids and the people that come from sh**hole countries,” continued Navarro until the argumentation became inaudible as all three voice attempted to hold the reigns of the commentary.

“Let him pass DACA and I’ll give him credit,” finished Navarro, even though the president has said he will not pass DACA without first discussing the border wall.

Throughout the exchange, host John Berman attempted, unsuccessfully, to control the dialogue.

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