Maxine Waters: Trump Is A ‘Hopeless And Ignorant Bigot’ [VIDEO]

REUTERS/Mike Segar

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters poured her heart out in a long statement condemning Donald Trump’s “ill informed and deplorable” comments on immigration.

During a meeting with Senators to discuss immigration, Trump allegedly asked why the United States was accepting so many immigrants from “shithole countries” like Haiti and El Salvador.

Waters, who has long called for the president’s impeachment, said that the comments proved her point that Trump is a “hopeless and ignorant bigot.”

“Donald Trump dog-whistled his way into the White House, running a campaign based on hate, bigotry, and fear,” she wrote. “In true Trump-fashion, to compensate for his deficiencies and failure to grasp immigration policy, he has resorted to using an ignorant racial slur to denigrate people and countries about whom he knows nothing and for whom he has no care.”

“Perhaps if these countries had white majorities, he might actually care about them,” she claimed.

Waters used the comments as a reason to again call for impeachment, calling on Congress, particularly Republicans, to start the impeachment process “without delay.”

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