Shocking: The Ball Brothers Are Not Making Big Baller Money In Lithuania

(Photo by Joshua Blanchard/Getty Images for Crosswalk Productions )

Jena Greene Reporter
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What a wild time for the Ball brothers. One second they’re living the high life in Chino Hills, kicking it in that sweet 16,000 square foot mansion their dad just bought.

The next thing you know, it all unravels after LiAngelo got caught shoplifting in China and yanked off the UCLA squad. Somehow, LaMelo got swept into the whole thing, but it doesn’t matter how good he’s gonna be – he’s still a minor.

Fast forward a few months and here they are, balling in Lithuania. Doing it Big Baller style. At least that’s the impression we got, until some Lithuanian mayor decided to totally out the Ball brothers and tell the entire world that they’re basically playing for free.

Alvydas Vaicekauskas went on a Lithuanian talk show (total big baller move) to explain it all.

“Prienai City is happy that people have searched them on Google very much,” the host explains before introducing Mayor Vaicekauskas.

So Vaicekauskas explains why Prienai is one of the greatest cities in Lithuania and how nobody should be surprised that the Ball brothers picked here of all places to compete. He also promises the audience that Prienai will take care of the Balls much better than Trump ever would. “They said they play for 500 euros a month,” he says smugly.

You know, at first I felt bad for LiAngelo and LaMelo because they were the ones caught in the middle of all this, but I mostly feel bad for LaVar now. He has to financially float these kids while they get paraded around Lithuania to compete on some farm league basketball team. I’m not exactly sure what the metrics are for street cred but the Big Baller Brand’s has got to be rapidly slipping. Even the Mayor Of Prienai is ripping on his family. Things are not looking good. If I were LaVar, I’d negotiate a reality show contract with Ryan Seacrest to monetize my time there. Then I’d buy this team and hook it up with all the latest Big Baller swag, run for Mayor only to unseat this smug Vaicekauskas guy, and once Melo and Gelo are done with their stint in Prienai, I’d hop on the first plane back to LAX.

His house in Chino Hills isn’t going to occupy itself.