TheDC Newsroom: CNN Doubles Down On The ‘S***hole’ S**t Show [VIDEO]

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It’s Friday, January 12, 2018. This is The Daily Caller Newsroom.


In case you haven’t turned on your computer, phone or television in the last 24 hours, President Trump may or may not have referred to some struggling countries as “shitholes.”

That uncertainty hasn’t stopped CNN from doing non-stop “shithole” watch since Thursday afternoon. In fact, we’ve pulled a transcript from their last 18 hours of broadcasting (see below):

“Shithole, Shithole, Shithole, Shithole, Shithole, Shithole, Shithole, Shithole, Shithole, Shithole, Shithole, Shithole, Shithole, Shithole, Shithole, Shithole, Shithole, Shithole, Shithole, Shithole, Shithole, Shithole, Shithole, Shithole, Shithole, Shithole, Shithole, Shithole, Shithole, Shithole, Shithole, Shithole, Shithole, Shithole, Shithole, Shithole, Shithole, Shithole, Shithole, Shithole, Shithole, Shithole, Shithole, Shithole, Shithole, Shithole, Shithole, Shithole, Shithole, Shithole, Shithole, Shithole, Shithole, Shithole, Shithole, Shithole, Shithole, Shithole, Shithole, Shithole, Shithole, Shithole, Shithole, Shithole, Shithole, Shithole, Shithole, Shithole, Shithole, Shithole, Shithole, Shithole, Shithole, Shithole, Shithole…” *

Have a great weekend, everyone.

EDITOR’S NOTEThat wasn’t the exact CNN transcript. We were being facetious. Obviously.

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